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  • 2023/07/10 Evolve
    How does a car rental deposit work?
    Should you pay a deposit when renting a car? Do you need more information about the deposit on a rental car? To dispel all your doubts, we suggest you read our article, which deals with the most important questions about how a car rental deposit works.
  • 2023/05/30 Evolve
    Can I Rent A Car For Someone Else?
    Most rental companies don’t allow someone else to pay for a car rental. As such, the renter must be present to sign the rental agreement and provide a credit card. But a way around this is....
  • 2023/05/15
    Places to Charge Electric Car in Dubai
    Nevertheless, knowing where to charge your EV is essential to prevent being stranded with a flat battery in Dubai. So, keep reading as we elaborate on the benefits of electric cars, what charging options you have, and other critical questions.
  • 2023/05/05
    How To Dispute a Traffic Fine in UAE?
    You can dispute fines in the UAE if they are unjust and you have sufficient evidence to prove it. Contesting this fine in the UAE varies slightly based on your location.
  • 2023/03/15
    Car Photoshoot Locations in Dubai
    If you are a car lover, you will understand the challenge of getting the right spot to take the perfect car photos. Keep reading to learn more about the 8 best picturesque locations for car photoshoots in Dubai.
  • 2023/03/07
    Driving in Fog in the UAE - How to Drive Safe
    Experienced drivers have discussed numerous tips related to driving safely in foggy weather conditions. Still, we've summarized the most crucial guidance for you and your passengers. These points are essential when visibility is diminished. These guidelines should be followed with great care to ensure a safe excursion on the road.
  • 2023/02/24
    Makani Number Dubai
    In places like Dubai, one of the most populated cities in the UAE, it is easy to get lost. But with this addressing system, you can quickly locate buildings like hospitals, parks, homes, etc. If you'd like to learn more, keep reading this article as we elaborate.
  • 2023/02/22
    Abu Dhabi Toll Gate
    If you are going to take a road trip, one of the most important things to consider before your ride hits the road is the local toll gate system, better known as DARB. Basically, it is an electronic toll collection system that charges drivers for using certain roads in the city.
  • 2023/01/26
    Best family road trips in the UAE
    Our article explores some of the best family road trips in the UAE that will make your trip even more special. See stunning beaches, iconic locations, cultural activities in exciting cities and roadside attractions as you drive around this beautiful country.